Health Education: A Significant Boon For The Future

Heath education is the set of learning followed by people to improve their
physical, mental, emotional, and sexual well-being and protection from various
kinds of diseases. The future generation can prevent an outbreak if they can
anticipate in advance; there is a need for teaching attitudes and lessons in
multiple institutions and community centres regarding health education.

Importance of Health Education

·         It makes the student make healthy choices and adopt a healthy lifestyle. It
explains people the benefit and way of doing exercise, having a nutritious
diet, and positivity to behaviour. On the contrary, it also makes them
understand the adverse effects of doing drugs, smoking, drinking, and unsafe
sexual practices.

·         A healthy person is a responsible person. If he is mentally and physically
fit, he can contribute to society, his family, and his nation. He has a long
tenure of disciplined livelihood, teaching others to follow in his footsteps.

Facts on mental health

Sound mental health means sound well-being and implies to sound
productivity. The work of WHO and other organizations is to mental disorder and
promotion of well-being.

·         1 out of 5 world’s children and adults are suffering from mental issues.

·         Depression is the leading cause of stress and mental disorder, which has
affected 300 million people worldwide.

·         root cause of mental illness starts from home itself, and in most
cases, it begins by the age of 14-15.

·         Almost two-person die from suicide each minute. It is mainly by the age
group of 15-30 years.

Facts about physical health

·         Only less than 7% of adults are involved in proper daily workout and yoga
each day.

·         Only 35-40% of adults of the age of more than 75 are physically active.

·         Children are spending more than 8 hours per day in front of the television
and mobile phone.

·         Only 20% of India’s houses have
society parks nearby where they can go during the morning and evening.

·         Only 2 out of 5 children of age group 5-10 are physically active today.

Role of health educators

“Health educators” are the people who play the role of teachers
and trainers and make different strategies to educate the people, groups, and
communities regarding the prevention of health diseases. They provide sound
medical advice to millions of people to improve people’s quality of life by
doing all sorts of health education work.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics reports, health educators’
employment is rising 17% each year since 2016-2026. The progress is kore better
than other occupations.

Notable Individuals

Edward Jenner: Scientists who developed smallpox medicine.

Clara Barton: A nurse and teacher who is known for finding the American Red

Theodor Kocher: He was the thyroid surgeon who was also the winner of the
Nobel Prize.

Charles R. Drew: Researcher and doctor who developed the technique of blood
transfusion and storage of blood.

Dr. Jonas Salk: He develops medicine to eradicate polio.

School Health Education

It is one of the efficient strategies to protect our future generation from
health and social syndrome. This strategy needs incorporation in the following

·         Arranging seminars and workshops and teach children regarding health

·         Schools should make students compulsorily study health education as a

·         Taking their tests and arrange for their presentation in front of the
school or class.

·         Institutions need to take them to NGOs and social service platforms and
increasing awareness about diseases, viruses, infections, and different


Health is wealth. Health is everything. Educating
future generations about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is more important
today than it has ever been before. With the reckless lifestyle practiced
today, there are more things that can kill you not by accident, but because you
invited them into your lives. Drug abuse, obesity due to junk foods created and
marketed by humans for humans, alcohol, unchecked and reckless sexual practices
are all harmful and dangerous for the health of majority of the people.
Learning how to live a healthy, fulfilling life is therefore the need of the


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