Cultural Harmony – A Great Necessity

Cultural Harmony – A Great Necessity: We often say things like “in our culture” or “it is not in our culture.” But how far are we aware of our culture? How far do we even know about culture? What defines a culture? And what distinguishes two cultures? Or what unifies them? Today we will discuss culture and cultural harmony.

So, what is culture?

Culture is defined by the social behavior, morals, customs and ideas of a particular mass of people of society. It includes language, religion, cuisine, social habits, art forms etc. Something that defines the typical social ways of a particular mass of a particular place is called culture.

But in a world of seven continents and multiple countries in each continent, there is not one and unified culture. There are several cultures that practice different customs. But after all, they live together. They function together. So, the one thing that makes a functioning nation strive further with all its differences is cultural-harmony.

What is cultural harmony?

Cultural-harmony is something that connects the people of different backgrounds in terms of social behavior, religion, knowledge, language etc. This is the idea of a positive change. Cultural harmony is something that teaches us to accept with respect the moral-cultural behavioral ways of others. They might be different as a matter of fact, they are mostly contrasting but the solution to any sort of confrontation is through cultural-harmony.

Why is cultural harmony important?

The worst of wars or riots have been triggered in history by the difference in opinion regarding culture and religion. People were willing to kill each other to establish superiority over each other. Cultural harmony is the first and the last solution to this problem. It promotes peace and understanding among two races – the only way to live in a unified way in spite of being different. Globalization and cultural-harmony have opened new dimensions for democracy. The exchange of ideas and forms of art enriches people individually as well as a nation and even internationally. It brings progressiveness of thought and ideas. It exposes the evils and drawbacks of a particular culture and helps to open minds about it.

How to achieve cultural harmony?

As a nation, cultural harmony has been adapted decades back in different countries. But individually we need to work together in order to manifest such broad-mindedness in hearts. The few easy and initiating ways are to rationalize our thoughts, getting rid of tragedies.

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