For more information on the park, the trails, course description and profile, check out: and Michigan DNR

Special thanks to our Michigan-based event sponsor River's Edge Brewing Company.

Graphic design support supplied by: Misty Schwab

Contributions from the event will be donated to: Team Huron Valley and the MCMBA

Why raise funds for Team Huron Valley (THV)? THV is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to raising funds for Special Olympics. In addition to supplying the resources necessary to purchase uniforms, equipment and hosting competitons, THV is also focused on the challenges these athletes face outside of sport. As individuals with special needs transition from the education system and enter the adult phase of their lives, they and their families must grapple with critical issues around transportation, employment, housing and social engagement.  THV is committed to finding solutions to these fundamental, quality of life concerns. 

Why raise funds for the Motor City Mountain Biking Association (MCMBA)? As a trail runner who is more often than not running on mountain bike trails (as opposed to horse or cross country ski trails), I was surprised when I learned that the DNR is not primarily responsible for mountain bike trail maintenance. This work is peformed by the various mountain bike associations out there, and the MCMBA is the local group that maintains the trails at Highland Recreation Area (among many other trail systems). As a non-profit group, they are the fine folks that remove those fallen trees, address trail erosion issues and are generally focused on trail conservation. I want to give back to the people that do this work while hopefully fostering a more collaborative runner-rider relationship.