The Evolution of AI Technology

The Evolution of AI Technology: In the past only some of the most famous science fiction writers dared to delve into a domain that was frightening yet amazing at the same time, dangerous but beautiful. It was artificial intelligence. But now it is slowly settling down amidst our busy daily lives. It might not be progressing so far that we would have robots at our disposal for everyday tasks, but that’s not impossible in the next few decades. From weather forecasting to filtering out spam emails from our inbox, artificial intelligence or AI has had profound impacts on not so profound ways. Here’s taking a trip down the digital memory lane and looking up the evolution of AI.

The historic concept that came to life

It was the Greek who first came up with the idea of artificial intelligence and used it frequently in storytelling. But it came really into the bigger picture when the technological revolution started about a century, or less, ago. Since then AI has progressed right from a fictional dream to a real technological miracle. The Turing machine was the closest that people came to AI, at least theoretically. However this was the first step in the right direction. This set the wheel of AI rolling, and there’s been no looking back.

The impact of this technological wonder

From the first true computer to where we are today, it has been a miraculous journey. Parallelly, artificially intelligent systems have progressed too. However there are concerns for the future of artificial intelligence. Tech entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX; Stephen Hawking, the world renowned physicist, are at the helm of all the talks and discussions concerning the future potentials for artificial intelligence. The ultimate conclusion of almost all these talks end in potential scenarios of Doomsday for the human race upon being usurped by AI technology that would be too advanced for it to be controlled. However, there is a consensus that if used thoughtfully, AI could quite drastically change the course of our lives, for the good.

Future potential of artificially intelligent systems

At the very core of AI lies the potential to learn new things continuously and gradually by close monitoring of day to day tasks of ours. Perfect examples would include show suggestions by Netflix to watch depending on your recent viewings. Many companies are heading in this direction, taking efficiency to the very next level.

It is necessary to note that AI is rapidly growing but at the root of it all are machine learning algorithms that are defined by us, and coloured into them to react as they do. There will be more bus to debug as AI evolves further, but efficiency will increase to an extent that will literally be immeasurable.

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